Want to learn more about the religious beliefs of those around you? Join our Religious Literacy Challenge and find start learning and connecting with people of faith!

So what is the challenge??? It’s simple.

#1- Seek out a first hand experiences with a religion other than your own.

#2- Share the faith building and inspiring things you find on social media using #celebratefaiths and send us a link in the comments below.

You can use this helpful list of ideas for your interfaith encounters or come up with your own.

IMPORTANT: This challenge is all about gathering fair and accurate information about the cherished belief’s of those around us. Be wise and respectful as you report on your encounters. Embark on your journey prepared to gather faith, not criticism. Of course you will find differences, but focus on that which unites not divides. Check out my article on Three Rules for Religious Understanding for some helpful guidelines. And be on the lookout for friends along your journey. You can never gather too many of those!