Holy Week

You may wonder why someone working towards interfaith literacy keeps writing so much about one religion; Christianity. Fair question. One answer is because I already know a lot about Christianity, growing up within the faith tradition so it seemed natural to start with the familiar and then branch out as I go. The other major … Continue reading Holy Week

Journey to Understanding: My Visit to the Vatican

I recently returned from a weekend trip to Rome with my oldest daughter. With my university degree in history emphasizing the Greco-Roman world, Rome has always been a sort of a Mecca to me. I knew I would go there one day. However, because of my recent religious literacy goals, I found something unexpected drawing … Continue reading Journey to Understanding: My Visit to the Vatican

Journey to Understanding: Hinduism

As I embarked on this quest for religious literacy, one of my main goals was to overcome common misconceptions about other religions so that I might better appreciate and learn from them. I am constantly amazed as I study and talk to people just how different my outsider perspective is compared to the way they … Continue reading Journey to Understanding: Hinduism

Learning from Lent

Did you know that Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Carnival, Pancake Day, Pączki Day, and many more are all names for a historically much more solemn day? Shrove Tuesday is celebrated 47 days before Easter and proceeds the Lenten season. Taken from the word "shrive" or "to absolve" this day of self reflection, confession, and repentance allows those who … Continue reading Learning from Lent

Gathering Faith from the Olympic Games

Since starting this Gathering Faith project, I have been amazed at all the opportunities to learn more about other religions. I have always loved the Olympics and my favorite part (not that the actual athletic events aren't incredible) has to be the opening ceremonies. Presented in a stunning display of pageantry, the host country has a … Continue reading Gathering Faith from the Olympic Games

Thoughts on Faith… Why the answers aren’t just given to us?

I listened to this devotional this week and loved this explanation for the necessity of faith: "Unsuccessful attempts to solve a problem encourage deep processing of the answer when it is later supplied, creating fertile ground for its encoding, in a way that simply reading [or being given] the answer cannot. -Peter C. Brown Failure is useful … Continue reading Thoughts on Faith… Why the answers aren’t just given to us?