Common KnowledgeJust listened to a great podcast about the interfaith movement today.  Common Knowledge is a podcast sponsored by the Interfaith Youth Core based in Chicago, Illinois. It was wonderful to hear a lot of the same thoughts that motivate my passion for this project mirrored by others from different backgrounds. I am excited to learn more about the Interfaith Youth Core.

In the first episode of their podcast, created back in October of 2013, they interview Eboo Patel the founder of Interfaith Youth Core and discuss the what and why of interfaith literacy.

According to Patel, interfaith literacy consists of four components: an appreciative knowledge of other traditions, the ability to define values that all religious and secular traditions share (i.e. mercy, compassion, etc.), an understanding of the history of interfaith cooperation, and the development of a personal theology or ethic of interfaith cooperation.

One of the suggestions Patel makes is to take on value from your religion or belief system and look for ways you find that exemplified in other’s beliefs around you.  That is exactly what I am trying to do with Gathering Faith and I have already seen so many examples that have enriched my life and my relationships with those I have learned from.

If you have a 30 minutes, I think podcast is well worth the time. Exciting stuff!!!

Podcast: What is Interfaith Literacy

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