I listened to this devotional this week and loved this explanation for the necessity of faith:

“Unsuccessful attempts to solve a problem encourage deep processing of the answer when it is later supplied, creating fertile ground for its encoding, in a way that simply reading [or being given] the answer cannot. -Peter C. Brown

Failure is useful in physical development as well. Strategically working a muscle to failure—the point at which you can no longer lift or push or pull whatever you are lifting or pushing or pulling—and then allowing proper time for the muscle fibers to repair is one of the most effective ways to build strength. This process of failing and repairing eventually results in stronger, more efficient muscles.

-Cassy Budd, a professor in the BYU School of Accountancy, delivered this devotional address on February 14, 2017.

I liked this thought because it highlights the fact that faith is hard work. Really hard work! It is going to involve some very uncomfortable moments of doubt, failure, and struggle. I think many are abandoning their religious heritage because they feel that it isn’t working for them. True, a life of faith can often feel like one of questions rather than answers, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is broken. Rather, like this quote states, faith works through this constant struggle to uplift, inspire, and elevate our understanding. So don’t give up on faith just because it’s hard. The best workouts make you sweat!


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